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Mediocre subs to be abstained !

Are you worthy of a new experience, an unexpected revelation representing at the same time a privilege, a challenge and incontestably an honor?

Since your childhood you are tortured by all kinds of fantasies such as this irresistible desire to being fully dressed in very feminine attire, including make-up and put on beautiful nylon stockings, thong, ultra tight skirt, high heels, etc. etc.

Are you ready for a great moment of liberation? In public or in private?

The most delicious Dominant Mistress of Switzerland offers you a BDSM session (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism).

But not just any !

Having a great actress talent (international acting & modeling experience) and an overflowing and unbridled imagination for the most fantastic scenarios, she will be your supreme guide on a path of psychological and sexual suffering towards an intense pleasure and an unlimited enjoyment.

A major new innovation! The Dominatrix will be accompanied by a professional Camera Lady who will quietly film your session (it is not mandatory but strongly recommended). Therefore, you will receive a souvenir video with the best moments spent with these two exceptional creatures. This video will be your fetish object that will beautify your long lonely evenings.

Anonymity is 100% guaranteed! Your video will be 100% private!

Are you already too excited? But will you be chosen?

Do you want to try your luck? Send me a message via the contact form below!

Submit your application

Thank you slave !

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